Features & Benefits of your Content Management System

Your website’s Content Management System (CMS) is a software application that will allow you to create, manage and publish content on your website.
The software’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface allows you to easily type text and insert images, audio & video into your web pages, in pretty much an identical way as you would create an Office Word document. The difference is that instead of saving your page as a document to your computer’s hard disk, you publish your web page worldwide to your website.

Some of the default features and benefits that come with your CMS are:

Eenvoudig webpagina’s editeren

Dankzij de ‘content management’ beheersoftware van jouw website hoef je geen beroep te doen op webdesigners, webontwikkelaars of andere IT-specialisten om de inhoud van jouw website te updaten. Je hebt zelf de volledige controle over de inhoud en hebt vanaf elke computer, waar ook ter wereld, toegang tot jouw CMS.

Scalable Functionality

Numerous software extensions are available for free, which allows you to increase your website’s functionality. You can rest assured about the future of your online presence with your CMS, which can flawlessly grow with you as the needs of your organization evolve.

Low cost

WordPress & Drupal zijn wat men ‘open source’ softwarepakketten noemt. Dit houdt in dat het gratis is en dat je het onbeperkt voor zowel persoonlijke als commerciële projecten kunt inzetten. Verder zijn er ook geen extra kosten verbonden aan het gebruik van de software door meerdere gebruikers.

More Features & Benefits

Optimized for SEO

Your CMS will also help your website score better positions in search engines such as Google, thanks to integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality.

Collaboration & Access Control

By creating different users and user groups, you can control how registered users interact with your site. You can for example create a group of users that are assigned privileges to create new pages and edit content in specific categories of your website, and another group that is only allowed to proofread and edit pages.

Thanks to your ability to collaborate with different people, you are able to publish more fresh content to your website, score better in the search engines, and become a leader in your field of expertise by gaining more visibility & prominence online.

Regular Updates

Your CMS software receives regular upgrades with new features to keep the system up to date with current web standards and to keep your website safe from malicious hacking attacks.

With millions of happy users worldwide, and thousands of open source developers actively working an improving WordPress and Drupal on a daily basis, you can be confident that you have made the best choice for your online presence.

Document Management

You are able to manage the lifecycle of the web page from creation through revisions, publication, archiving, and deletion. The versioning module of your CMS will make it easy to track changes in your web pages and revert to older versions of your content if desired.